Wednesday, June 18, 2014


By John Oman, Co-Founder

                I’ll bet you’ve never heard of Cypress Swamp Ranch Jaxson’s Place before.  Let me tell you a little bit about this amazing place.

                In 2005, God clearly placed His call on the life of my wife, Jean and me.   He created in us the desire to have a safe place where children, young people and families could, at no cost to them, have the experience of petting, learning to train, ride and love a horse, or have family bonding time together.  There is something so incredible that God has placed into these special creatures.   They help the hurting and lonely soul find peace and tranquility that cannot be described, and we wanted to share that gift with any and all who come to Cypress Swamp Ranch Jaxson’s Place.

                Many of our wonderful horses have been rescued from abuse or abandonment.  Due to this prior anxiety and neglect, they have an unusual spirit of appreciation and love that they convey to every person they meet.  We have personally witnessed many healed hearts, just from bonding with Eclipse or Jack – maybe one of our miniature horses or donkeys, or a horse in training.  Ranch visitors of all ages have the opportunity to love on all of our animals, and they DO fall in love!

                On June 2, 2014, we began our third official year of operation.  Nearly 900 people have come to visit CSRJP and we praise God for each and every one of them.

                You will read wonderful stories as the blog continues, and we encourage you to come to CSRJP and make your OWN story.

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