Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ray Keller’s Story – Part Three (Conclusion)

Ray Keller’s Story – Part Three (Conclusion)

How Ray ended up in that small, barbed-wire confinement, starved and dying, is not known.  He was receiving minimal attention and almost non-existent sustenance – that much we know to be facts, because the physical evidence bears it out.  That wonderful “angel” did indeed return just a few days later, after arrangements had been made, and rescued Ray exactly as she had promised she would.  Upon his arrival at CSRJP, this poor, ragged beggar was received with great love and joy, then subsequently fed like he was the king at a banquet.  It didn't take long for him to fill out into a beautiful and regal steed!

It continues to be a journey and learning experience every day for both Ray and we who are entrusted to be his human caregivers.  This incredibly intelligent animal learned immediately to trust our voices, as well as the sound of his grain bucket and other triggers that we are able to use to guide him from place to place.  He can smell treats, grain, or freshly-placed hay from afar, which he receives continuous supplies of as well as his ever-present and continuously filled water tank.  The spirit of fear he arrived with has completely passed away.  He is so enthusiastic about life.  There is a joy and beautiful smile and calmly blinking eyes which draw everyone to him.  The pitiful, scared and starved creature who arrived at our Ranch as a “bag of sad bones” has become a gorgeous, tall, confident and friendly equine!

Ray is never alone anymore, nor is he in a tiny, confined space.  Cypress Swamp Ranch Jaxson’s Place adopted two rescued miniature horses just a few months prior to Ray’s arrival.  Both have hoof issues and are not able to run or keep up with the rest of the Ranch herd.  Horses thrive on companionship and can die of loneliness if isolated.  Ray, Sugar and Bam Bam are perfectly suited together and never have to worry about being overrun by the stampeding big herd.  Ray has the two little ones as his “seeing-eye” ponies.  They are never far away from each other and have a huge paddock to live in together. 

Ray continues to teach us about “blind faith” every day, showing us how to trust our God, even when we cannot see what is ahead.  He has already blessed over 900 people who have visited CSRJP since his arrival.  We believe that he will continue to play a major role in healing hurting human hearts in the years to come.  There isn’t a tangible value that can be placed on all that Ray brings to this Ranch every day, with a heart the size of his – as big as a barn!  Stay tuned!
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