Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ray Keller's Story - Part Two

Ray Keller’s Story – Part Two

At this point in Ray’s story, imagination has to take over, because all of the facts are not clearly known.  Some of his history has been passed down to us and cannot be verified.  We were told that Ray was placed on a work farm, most likely purchased for a discounted price, in order to get rid of him.  Excuses were undoubtedly made for his strange-looking eyes and probable denial of the fact that he was completely blind.  It’s likely that he was sold to a succession of people, each who saw his large, sturdy build and potential to be a good worker.  Those who understand the horse psyche know that they were designed by the Creator with the intense desire to learn and develop their skills, as well as to receive challenging but enjoyable tasks to do.  Just like humans!  Tragically, for Ray and for those who passed him along, whether few or many, if they expected to get a lot of work out of him, they would be sorely disappointed, and no one bothered to take the time to train him at all.  This we know for a fact, because when he came to Cypress Swamp Ranch to live, he had no knowledge of even basic skills.

There was that sound – he knew it so well, footsteps, approaching his stall again.  Were they going to pass him by again, or would he receive at least a small handful of dry hay this time?  That was the only food he received, on a good day.  Hopefully someone remembered to get the hose out and would put just a little water in his tiny bucket.  He was so hungry and thirsty!  His head popped up as the steps came closer.  His spirit and will to live refused to allow him to give up, no matter how hopeless it seemed.  Once more his mouth began to water and his heart began to race with anticipation.

What?  Could it be?  A sweet voice of compassion and love reached his keen ears.  A warm and caressing hand rubbed his sweet nose and the aroma of a delicious cube of alfalfa tantalized his senses.  His taste buds barely knew how to savor such a delicious treat!  In fact, he didn't remember for sure if he had ever enjoyed this delicacy before, except in his dreams.  Had he died?  Was this the touch of God that he had known would come to him at the end of his earthly life?  No, it couldn't be, because he knew that when he crossed the bridge to join the heavenly herd, he would be perfect, and after he laid eyes on his Creator, he would then be able to see everything and everyone for the first time.  No, he still couldn't see anything, so this had to be an angel!  There was another cube and another…

“Please stay and don’t leave me” he whinnied.  She softly whispered to him, “Don’t fret, dear Sweetheart.  I will return and you will go with me to a new home, where you will be fed, cared for and loved, all the days of your earthly life.  You will graze in green pastures with tall, juicy grass – as much as your stomach can hold.  You will meet and fall in love with many hurting people who have suffered abuse and neglect, just as you have.  In the same way that you are now being rescued, you will rescue them right back.  Your great love for each other will heal your broken hearts and God will shower down His awesome love on you all.  You will trust humans again and will long to be with your new friends, just as you longed for your mother all those years ago.  That is the reason why God created you and the reason He led me to find and save you.  Be patient my Darling.  I will return and get you out of here as soon as I can.”
…To be continued…

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